Kingdom Power Miracle Oil

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Kingdom Power Miracle Oil is an anointed healing and deliverance oil in an 8oz glass bottle and/or a 1oz spray bottle.

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Kingdom Power Miracle (KPM) Oil has been saturated in the anointing through continuous prayer by Bishop Kevin Lydell Smith.

This oil has been used to deliver people from spiritual forces and heal people from various diseases mentally and physically.

In the Book of James 5:14 KJV “Is any sick among you? let him call for the Elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord.”

It can be used with Faith by any Believer to consecrate themselves and their surroundings.

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4 reviews for Kingdom Power Miracle Oil

  1. Mrs C.H. (verified owner)

    Since using this anointing oil I have really felt better!
    One night I put some in my husband’s bath water, then the next morning he was talking about how good he slept. I told him that I had put some miracle oil in the water. So now he wants his own bottle!!!
    I just want everyone I know to feel blessed and better like me!!!!

  2. Charlene Ayers (verified owner)

    OMG!!! When I tell you this OIL is ANOINTED I was feeling warm and my throat was irritated, I got my oil rubbed it on my throat and pleaded the Blood of Jesus and I felt better instantly. In that same day the Holy Ghost lead me to put a drop of oil in my food, man I don’t know what was trying to manifest in my body but I’ve been feeling great everyday. I will be making this oil apart of my daily regimen.

  3. Mrs. Toni M Smith

    I have been dealing with some health situations where as when I wake up in the morning I am very sore like I have carried 100lb weights up a mountain. I don’t complain, like most women, we don’t, we just get up and keep it moving. Well, I got some of the anointing oil from Bishop Smith after reading the testimonies and hearing other people talk about it. I covered my whole body in the anointing oil that very night before going to bed and said my healing scriptures. I tell you when I woke up the next morning and turned over with not one shred of pain in my body nor having muscle fatigue, I was simply amazed. I was like God, I can not believe that it actually worked! I mean I figured if he, meaning Bishop Smith used the oil on me and prayed for me it would work because he has the power to heal but me actually using the oil that he has prayed over on myself and it worked. Lord I Thank You!!!
    This oil will be a staple for me. I will utilize it on my body like I do lotion.
    Thank You Bishop Smith!!!

  4. Chelsey Jordyn

    I use this oil for EVERY SINGLE THING! My body, my hair, when I cook, if my car starts acting funny…when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING! Don’t walk, RUN to add this oil to your cart you won’t regret it!

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